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AngelsMu Online new Season 9!

Season 9 Server is 5 diffrenet worlds!
With different experience and style!

ExP10: No reset, No Item Shop
Exp: 25x Low Exp, No Item Shop
Exp: 150x Limited Resets, No Item Shop
Exp: 2000x High Exp, Item Shop: ON
Exp: 9999x For PVP Fans: Item Shop ON



AngelsMu Online new Season 10!

Server will be opened 24. February 18.00 Server time!
Server is build on custom files, best antihack and great drop balance!

Experience: x10
Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 300

Resets: No, no reset serer
New character Grow lancer! New maps skills!
New bloodangel items, maps, skills!
Epic quests, great loots from bosses, hunt bosses to eacn Coins!
Exciting PVP & PVE!


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