Angels Muonline Season 12Ep1

New server x50 Opening 3.August

Race for top rankings

Join the opening and race with hundreds more players to be the TOP player!

Angels Gaming Project

Custom server files with best config, you wont find this on other servers!

Earn ruud

Earn ruud my killing bosses and dropping medals/boxes

Update 24. SEPTEMBER


+ Game Client Patch : Many small fixes
+ Game Shop (X): Reorganized and new items added.
+ Event Timer : Times Updated.
+ Various Fixes on General Server.
+ Notice "Could not find" in 9999X Server

* Need to update the game through the Launcher to get the update.

Notice: A large number of patches have been applied in the update.

We are working on many optimizations on our servers in preparation for Season 13.
All corrections made to our Season 12 server will be applied to Season 13 too.
We do not stipulate dates for the update but we are already preparing!

Status: Completed.

[More infos in forum]

Posted 24 / 09 / 2018 By admin

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