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AngelsMu Online Season 16

New Server X100 Opening 18.December

Angels Mu Online Season 16

New Charcter GunCrusher

Angels Mu Online Season 16

Server X1000 Opening at 2.October, join the epic grand opening with thousands of online players fighting for resets and top loot.

Angels Mu Online Season 15

Server Opening at 2.October, join the epic grand opening with thousands of online players fighting for resets and top loot.

New X100 Server Opening 18.December

Angels mu online is opening new low experience but with resets Mu Online Season 16 server! The server is x100 server is built on hunt and craft style, which means all items must be obtained and crafted in-game! Our custom reset system offers players to get top game items for free, just by playing the game!

Server Opening times: Or check countdown on the website.

[UTC +2, 16.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 22.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 11.00-Argentina]

Special rewards, after joining the game you get free 3days Pet Skeleton +Skeleton Ring, type command ingame: /startergift to receive it. Great items drop from medals and boxes, collect your set/trade with other players! All Character starts with small wings and weapons +10% Exc dmg, and first skills!


Resets: Reset is made in game after reaching 400lvl, command: /reset
Reset costs: Reset costs 1mil zen* reset, Stats after reset burns, maximum resets 250, max stats: 32000
Reset reward: 50 Wcoins 50 Goblin Points!


Buy or sell your game obtained items to other players: Market

Upgrade you game items with Website blacksmith

Get game advantages for supporting server: VIP System

You game items displayed in the web: Warehouse

Vote for server and get Wcoins: Vote reward


Collect medals, box of luck, Pink Chocolate Box, RED Chocolate Box, Blue Chocolate Box for +10/Jewels/Excellent/Ancient items, Seals for Exp, Jewels
Sheep, Rooster, Monkey, Snake events are spawning every 1hour (one monster type every hour) and is announced ingame. Ruud And Custom Jewels
Events like Blood Castle (rewards AA items) Devil Square, Chaos Castle and other events or boss spawns is set to spawn every hour! Reward ruud!
Ruud can be farmed with resets +custom reset rewards as well in-game with mini-bosses like Red Dragon, Snakes, Fire Flame Ghosts, Sheeps
Explore maps and to find custom features, unique drops to obtain good items just by playing the game!

Custom reset rewards +50Wcoins each reset!

Reset 1: Second Wing Box
Reset 5: Jewel of Excellent (FO)
Resets 10: Lucky Set Tickets 1 lvl
Resets 20: 5x Jewel of level (make items +15)
Resets 30: 2x 50'000 Ruud Box + Jewel of Excellent (FO)
Resets 50: 2x 50'000 Ruud Box + 2x Jewel of Excellent (FO)
Resets 70: Conqueror Badge
Resets 90: Ring OF Block FO
Resets 100: Angel & Devil Wings
Resets 120: Ring Of Block FO
Resets 150: Neclese of agony FO
Resets 170: Ring of Ultimatum FO
Resets 200: Gold Fenrir

Grand resets: Grand Reset: 250Resets 10000Wcoins



Published by Salvis 15/12/2020