Angels Muonline Season 12Ep1

New server x50 Opening 3.August

Race for top rankings

Join the opening and race with hundreds more players to be the TOP player!

Angels Gaming Project

Custom server files with best config, you wont find this on other servers!

Earn ruud

Earn ruud my killing bosses and dropping medals/boxes

Game Commands

/post < message >Send message to all
@ < message >Send message to guild
@@ < message >Send message to Ally
@> < message >An announcement from the head of the guild.
Event Commands
/bid < value >Attend the auction event with a Bid.
/checkCheck your tickets in 'Auction Event'
/shoplistView list of items during the "Shopping Time" event
/shopbuy < id >View list of items during the "Shopping Time" event
Distribute Commands
/addstr < value >Distribute points in strenght
/addagi < value >Distribute points in agility
/addvit < value >Distribute points in vitality
/addene < value >Distribute points in energy
/addstr < value >Distribute points in command
Pack Commands
/pack < value >Sintaxes: bless, soul, chaos, life, creation, loref, haref, gemstone
Note: Max value is 16 (Reference 160)
General Commands
/re autoAuto accept requests
/re offDeny all requests
/warDeclare war on another guild.
/soccerInvite another guild to play football in the arena.
/offattackEnable Offline Attack Mode (Uses settings of Mu Helper) (Time Limit: 6 Hours)
/offstoreEnable Offline Store Mode


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