Angels Muonline Season 12Ep1

New server x50 Opening 3.August

Race for top rankings

Join the opening and race with hundreds more players to be the TOP player!

Angels Gaming Project

Custom server files with best config, you wont find this on other servers!

Earn ruud

Earn ruud my killing bosses and dropping medals/boxes

Angelsmu S12, X100 3. August

Hello Angels Mu Online players we are happy to announce new server X100 opening at 3. August!
Are you bored with the same s13 servers all over? Then this is for you, fresh server with hundreds of new features, events, bosses, invasions to make you entertained 24/7!
To play on X100 server register new account here! Choose server X100 HUNT!

Experience regular and master: X100
PPL: Standard 5/6/7 (for MG)
Char unlock level: 220lvl, DL: 250lvl
Easy to collect Wcoins and Goblin points just by playing game!
No item shop!
Xshop sells: Jewels, Items for chaos mix, A&D wings!
Reset: 400lvl, Stats burns, Free stats 500
Grand reset: 250resets: 2000 Credits reward, 2000 Free stats, resets burns.

All characters gets starter gear:
HP and mana potions, starter set +7 + luck + 12option, staff/weapon and shield.
Pentagarm BOX: Drops pentagram for beginners and small wings!

Mu helper: From 6lvl FREE
Monster Spots: All maps 6-7 Mobs per spot (Press tab to see spots on map)

Reconnect system: Will reconnect back you to game if you lose internet connection
Game client commands: F9 Reduce lag, F12 Minimize game (restore icon near clock)
Offline Attack Syntax: /offattack
Silver/Golden medals: Get items, + RUUD for every dropped medal

Custom Jewel Packing: Max Size: 160 Jewels on Pack
Custom Stores, sell your items while being offline: Sell for Wcoins, Goblin points or Ruud!

Super Gold Invasion, Metal Balrog, Hydra, Gorgon, Red Dragon,
Skeleton King Invasion, Medusa, Kundun, Core Magriffy, Alpha Crust,
Goblin, Muun Invasion, Budge Dragon

EVENT! get 300 credits on server start just by sharing post! Share on your timeline (PUBLIC SHARE) tag 3 friends, send PM in facebook with your account name and get 300 credits to buy adavntages on server start!



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