Angels Muonline Season 12Ep1

New server x50 Opening 3.August

Race for top rankings

Join the opening and race with hundreds more players to be the TOP player!

Angels Gaming Project

Custom server files with best config, you wont find this on other servers!

Earn ruud

Earn ruud my killing bosses and dropping medals/boxes
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+ General Gaming Drop corrections.
- Massive drop of same item.


- Angels MU Dashboard (
- Server Updates
- Many small fixes.
- Quest Item Drop improve.

The server is online and operating normally.

17 / 08 / 2018
/post < message >Send message to all
@ < message >Send message to guild
@@ < message >Send message to Ally
@> < message >An announcement from the head of the guild.
Event Commands
/bid < value >Attend the auction event with a Bid.
/checkCheck your tickets in 'Auction Event'
/shoplistView list of items during the "Shopping Time" event
/shopbuy < id >View list of items during the "Shopping Time" event
Distribute Commands
/addstr < value >Distribute points in strenght
/addagi < value >Distribute points in agility
/addvit < value >Distribute points in vitality
/addene < value >Distribute points in energy
/addstr < value >Distribute points in command
Pack Commands
/pack < value >Sintaxes: bless, soul, chaos, life, creation, loref, haref, gemstone
Note: Max value is 16 (Reference 160)
General Commands
/re autoAuto accept requests
/re offDeny all requests
/warDeclare war on another guild.
/soccerInvite another guild to play football in the arena.
/offattackEnable Offline Attack Mode (Uses settings of Mu Helper) (Time Limit: 6 Hours)
/offstoreEnable Offline Store Mode


10 / 08 / 2018

Hello Angels Mu Online players we are happy to announce new server X100 opening at 3. August!
Are you bored with the same s13 servers all over? Then this is for you, fresh server with hundreds of new features, events, bosses, invasions to make you entertained 24/7!
To play on X100 server register new account here! Choose server X100 HUNT!

Experience regular and master: X100
PPL: Standard 5/6/7 (for MG)
Char unlock level: 220lvl, DL: 250lvl
Easy to collect Wcoins and Goblin points just by playing game!
No item shop!
Xshop sells: Jewels, Items for chaos mix, A&D wings!
Reset: 400lvl, Stats burns, Free stats 500
Grand reset: 250resets: 2000 Credits reward, 2000 Free stats, resets burns.

All characters gets starter gear:
HP and mana potions, starter set +7 + luck + 12option, staff/weapon and shield.
Pentagarm BOX: Drops pentagram for beginners and small wings!

Mu helper: From 6lvl FREE
Monster Spots: All maps 6-7 Mobs per spot (Press tab to see spots on map)

Reconnect system: Will reconnect back you to game if you lose internet connection
Game client commands: F9 Reduce lag, F12 Minimize game (restore icon near clock)
Offline Attack Syntax: /offattack
Silver/Golden medals: Get items, + RUUD for every dropped medal

Custom Jewel Packing: Max Size: 160 Jewels on Pack
Custom Stores, sell your items while being offline: Sell for Wcoins, Goblin points or Ruud!

Super Gold Invasion, Metal Balrog, Hydra, Gorgon, Red Dragon,
Skeleton King Invasion, Medusa, Kundun, Core Magriffy, Alpha Crust,
Goblin, Muun Invasion, Budge Dragon

EVENT! get 300 credits on server start just by sharing post! Share on your timeline (PUBLIC SHARE) tag 3 friends, send PM in facebook with your account name and get 300 credits to buy adavntages on server start!



02 / 08 / 2018

Hello Angels Mu Online players! Project is coming back with new server medium experience: X500 and server will be opened 4. May! We have worked on new server for some time, to bring best most exciting game-play. New custom features, events are build and Mu Online continent is ready to be conquered! Join the grand opening and enjoy the best muonline season 12 features on bug free game environment!

Version: Season 12 Episode 1
Experience: 500 Exp (Dynamic, more resets, less experience).
Drop: 35%
Resets: Stats burns, 500 free points after reset. Dynamic experience, with more resets less exp.

0-10 100% Exp
11-20 90% Exp
21-30 80% Exp
31-40 70% Exp
41-50 60% exp
51-70 50% exp
71-90 40% exp
91-120 30% exp
121-150 25% exp
151-200 20% exp
201-250 15% exp
251-350 10% exp
Grand Reset: Need 250 Resets. Reward 5000 Credits
Item upgrade shop: Enabled
Exp Buffs in-game: Enabled

Registration is open: Angels Muonline Registration

Facebook share & tag event! Share (public Share) THIS post and tag 3 friends, send account name in PM in Facebook and get 200 Credits for new server!

[Invasions / Boss]
- Alpha Crust (1-3 Drops) : Feather, Chaos, Soul, Bless, Ruud (15)
- Gorgon Attack (1-3 Drops) : Chaos, Soul, Bless, Ruud (15)
- Hydra (3 Drops) : Jewel Of Life, Harmony, Silver Key, Chaos, Ruud (35)
- Red Dragon (1~3 Drops): Chaos, Soul, Bless, Life, Creation, Ruud (25)
- Metal Balrog (1 ~ 3 Drops): Chaos (High Chance), Life (High Chance), Soul, Bless, Ruud (25)
- Lunar Rabit (1 Drop): Mixed Jewels, Ruud (10)
- Skeleton King: Lethal Ring (1 Hour), Unicorn (1 Hour), Mixed Jewels, Ruud (15)
- Ice Queen (1 ~ 3 Drops): High Chance Of Chaos Drop, Ruud (15).

[Ruud Drop]

Medals: Silver: 5 ruud, gold 10ruud
Alkmaar : Hunt Ruud Boxes (Gremory Case).
+ Invasions
- Alpha Crust: 250 Ruuds, Gorgon Attack: 250 Ruuds, Hydra: 250 Ruuds, Red Dragon: 250 Ruuds, Metal Balrog: 250 Ruuds,  Lunar Rabbit: 250 Ruuds, Skeleton King: 250 Ruuds, Ice Queen: 250 Ruuds
- Blood Castle: 5000 Ruuds
- Illusion Temple: Level 1 ~ 3: 2000 Ruuds, Illusion Temple: Level 4 ~ 5: 3000 Ruuds
+ Boss
- Erohim: 1000 Ruuds, Nightmare: 1000, Maya Hand (250 each): 500, Balgass: 1000, Selupan: 2000, Kundun: 1500 Ruuds, Dark Elf: 1000, Balgass: 1000, Medusa: 2000, Imperial Guardian : Random

[Base Configs and Commands]

Offline Attack Syntax: /offattack
PkClear: /pkclear
Automatic party accept type: type /re auto
Points ADD: /addstr, /addagi, /addene, /addvit, /addcmd.
Post Command: /post
Evolution Character: /evo (Price: 1kkk)
Store command /store
- Store syntaxes: bless, soul, chaos, coin, goblin, creation, guardian, harmony, ruud.
- Offline Store Command: /offstore
Pack Jewels (Max Size: 160): /pack (Jewel Name)
Part Jewels: /part (Jewel Name)
- Pack Syntaxes: bless, soul, life, creation, guardian, gem, harmony, chaos, loref (Lower Refine), hiref (High Refine)

[General Boss]
+ Ferea General: Sockets Tier 2
+ Ferea Archer, Fighter e knight: Ruud Box
+ Kundum: Respawn in 3 Hours and Drop Sockets (380), 380 Sets and Ancients (3 Drops)
+ Medusa: Respawn in 6 Hours and Drop Sockets (380), 380 Sets and Weapons and Ancients (4 Drops)
+ Selupan: Respawn in 12 Hours and Drop Sockets (400), 380 Sets, Weapons, Ancients. (6 Drops)
+ Nightmare: xWeapons (Albatross, Platina Staff, Day Break), xGreat Dragon...
+ Maya Hand: xAschrow, xDP, xGrand Soul...

[Extra Events]
- Jewels and Box Random Drop on Lorencia
- Raffle System (Automatic WCoins Draw for Online Players!)
- Quiz Event (Random Question), use /quiz answare.

[General Drop in Archeron]

+ Archeron Map:
+ Alkmaar: Ruud Box
+ Debenter: Zen Drop, B.A Itens [Normal], Pentagrams: Etramu, Lorencia Knights, Iron Shield, Hero Elixir,Brave, Marciless Gladiator, Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Creation
+ Nars: Zen Drop, H.A Itens [Normal], Pentagrams: Etramu, Lorencia Knights, Iron Shield, Hero Elixir,Brave, Marciless Gladiator, Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Creation
+ Ubaid: Zen Drop H.A Itens [Normal], Pentagrams: Mureen, Etramu, Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Creation.
+ Uruk: Zen Drop, H.A Itens, Pentagrams: Lorencia Knights, Iron Shield Of The Magic, Hero Elixir, Brave Hero Elixir, Gladiator's Dagger, Marciless Gladiator's Dagger, Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Creation
+ Mithril Fragment drop in all Archeron: (Low Rate).

Imperial Guardian
- Main Boss: xItens, Ruuds.
- Side Boss: xItens, Ruuds.

Chaos Castle: Jewel Of Chaos, Boxes +1 to +5

Blood Castle:
Ruud: 1000 Ruud per Event
Level: 1 ~ 2: 5 Box +2
Level: 3 ~ 4: 5 Box +3
Level: 5 ~ 6: 5 Drops ( Box +4 / Loch's Feather )
Level: 7: 5 Drops ( Archangel Items )



04 / 05 / 2018

AngelsMu Xmas promotion is here! From 3.December till 3.January you will

get 33% more cradits than before (bonuss allready added on all donation)

Extra: Wings of Angel & Devil and Wings OF Conqueror added in XSHOP! Now you have chnage to buy good items for your WCOINS!

(run launcher to get update)

Happy holidays and happy new year!!!!

04 / 12 / 2017
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