Mu Online Season 10

New server x1000 with resets, oldschool style, no webshop, best server files, custom events coded for just Angelsmu! Opening 9.November!

Antihack System

Best antihack system out there, blocks all cheats + macro commands

Hunt the maps of Kalima

Specialy build hunt system for map Kalima, collect full 380lvl sets, each parts drops in diffrents kalimas.

Hunt in Raklion

Hunt for best socket items, but dont go under at least 3+ Grand Resets!

New Mu Online server x50 12. August

Angels Mu Online x50 Grand Opening 12. August

Version: Season 10.3
Max Level: 400
Max ML: 200
Experience: 50x / 55x / 60x
Drop Rate: 35% / 40% / 45%

To play on X50 Server, register new account! HERE

Opening times:
14.00  UTC +2 (Poland)
17.00 UTC +8 (Philippines)
06.00 UTC -3 (Argentina)

No webshop, Simple cash shop!
New character Grow lancer! New maps skills!

From 400lvl, stats burns, free stats: 500 points (2kk zen*reset)
Max resets: 30
Max stats is with 65k points total!

Grand resets:
From 30 res max grand resets: 10, Grand reset bonus stats: 5000
Grand reset bonus stats stays after GR and resets.

Spots in all maps. Monster powers have been incerased. From trakan 2 map, monsters attack power, defense, are slightly increased!
Bosses, some events, and high level maps requires few grand resets to be able to hunt alone. Mobs does high amount of damage, get more HP or die one shoted!

Sockets +exc: Disabled
380lvl +exc: Enabled


Pack mu online Jewels: bless, soul, life, creation, guardian, gem, harmony, chaos
Syntax: /pack [jewel] [value]  [ex: /pack bless 30 (Create one pack of 30 Bless if u have 30 Bless.

Unpack Jewels: (bless, soul, life, creation, guardian, gem, harmony, chaos
Syntax: /part [jewel] [value]  [ex: /part bless 30 (Create one pack of 30 Bless if u have 30 Bless.)]
Obs: Max Pack = 160 Jewels

Custom and Offstore:
Jewels Accept: Bless, Soul, Chaos, WCoinC, WCoinP, Goblin Points
To use off store, you need to level 10.

Active mu online events

Raklion Event (Selupan) Active.
Kanturu Event (Maya) Active.
Invasions: Active
Imperial Guardian: Active
Illusion Temple: Active, need min 2 players.
Double Goer: Active
Devil Square: Active
Archa Battle: Active
Castle Siege: Active
Blood Castle: Active


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