Mu Online Season 10

New server x1000 with resets, oldschool style, no webshop, best server files, custom events coded for just Angelsmu! Opening 9.November!

Antihack System

Best antihack system out there, blocks all cheats + macro commands

Hunt the maps of Kalima

Specialy build hunt system for map Kalima, collect full 380lvl sets, each parts drops in diffrents kalimas.

Hunt in Raklion

Hunt for best socket items, but dont go under at least 3+ Grand Resets!

Angels Mu Online Newbie Bonuss

Angels Mu Online newbie bonuss!

From now each new characters gets 2x Panda pets and 2x Panda Rings each is for 24 Hours.
Is added 1 time per account, when create new character!
Panda pet options:
Auto Collect zen arround you.
Increases exp gain rate by 50% with panda ring!
Increases defense skill +50
Panda Ring:
Increases drop ammount 50%
Attack/Wizzardy/Course +30
Increases mu online exp gain rate by 50% with panda pet!



Posted 23 / 05 / 2017 By admin

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